What does First Strike really mean in coin collecting?

First strike means the first few coins off the new die. Today however you have companies that claim that the first days coinage is first strike or when the coins are released. They are trying to pull a fast one. Just because a mint releases a coin, it may not have been made the first days issue. They use large hoppers to put the coins in and could care less which ones go out first. Right now one company has stopped putting that on their holders due to a law suite and the other is being sued in Federal court. Some companies try to push the first months coins are first strike. Not all coins off a new die are that great. Don’t fall for this and pay added money that you will lose in the long run. Unfortunately the coin industry has fallen to the gimmick group. Old collector like me stick to the real old coins and in the end make out better, for we enjoy collecting and most of us only look up how much a coin went up once in a great while. We also know it is wise to know more than the dealers do, about varieties of coins.