How many pennies does it take to make a million dollars?

Hi, all I am currently in a debate with a friend, while sitting around talking about saving pennies. We somehow got into this mathmetical disagreement. I say it takes 100, million to make 1 millions dollars. He says it takes 1 million pennies to make 1 million dollars. LOL, People post so he can see I am right. LOL Wh have a 20 dollar bet going.

Admin Note:

One dollar equals 100 pennies. Therefore 1 Million Dollars would equate to 1 Million dollars x 100 pennies / dollars = 100 Million Pennies.

20 thoughts on “How many pennies does it take to make a million dollars?

  1. hahahahahahha i dont even know why your in this debat lol or better yet why even hang out with him / her lolll jokes

    Its 100 Million Pennies.

    and the funny thing is in australia we dont have penies and i even no the answer
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  2. dude, if yur serious abt this, then that myt just be the easiest $20 you’ll ever make…

    100 pennies = 1 dollar so…

    100 pennies per dollar x 1,000,000 = 100,000,000 pennies

    yur friend isnt very smart, is he?
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  3. I think he’s only hoping to pay you 20¢ since he thinks that cents and dollars are equivalent!

    Obviously it takes 100 times as many pennies to equal 1 dollar, so it would take 100 million pennies to equal $1 million.

    Case closed, no debate.

    Now go collect your $20 (or 20¢ as the case may be).
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  4. You got it, if it only took 1M pennies to make 1M dollars, then that would mean 1 penny = 1 dollar!!!
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