How much will my 2005 nickels be worth in 10 years?

I know they’re $10 for a roll of 40 now, and it’s 3 years after 2005. But, will they continue to increase in value the way they have been?

There are a lot of 2005 nickel out there and their value will not go up much for say 25-50 years. You do not have a very good investment item. There were 448,320,000 P mint and 487,680,000 D mint Bison nickels. There were 394,080,000 P and 411,120,000 D Ocean in View nickels minted. That is a lot of nickels and everyone is saving them by the rolls. The 2004 nickels would have been a better save. Some of them are going for $20 or so a roll.