Are 1964 nickels of any value, besides the 5 cents they represent?

I mean, are they made of any special metals or anything like that? I know 1964 quarters are silver and dimes are silver in ’64, so are nickels anything?

Your 1964 nickel is made up of .750 copper and .250 nickel. This combination was in use 1938-1942, then from 1946 to present.The mintage that year was extremely high. The Philadelphia mint struck 1,028,622,762, it took till 1999 for that mint, to mint more than that for a given year. On the other hand the Denver mint struck 1,787,297,160 and that is the most for a giver year, ever, at least up to 2003, the last year I have mintage figures for. It is worth a nickel that’s it. Don’t give up for there are modern coins out there worth money. Like doubled die coins.