Coin collecting? Why is the 1984 Lincoln Cent D Mint Mark so much smaller than the 1986 Lincoln D mint mark?

I’m new to collecting coins, and these are the little things I must learn

New dies are used every year, and replaced as they wear out, so there can be varying sizes even within the same date. There are books on die varieties and a little time spent on Google should help you find what you want.You’re going to learn what you need from reading on your own, more than from anyone here.

What’s a good 1st coin to start collecting?

My husband is interested in collecting coins as a new hobby (He LOVES gold) which is what sparked his coin interest. His birthday is next week and I want to get him a nice coin to start him off with a book on collecting. Can anyone suggest a good starting place?

Your husband had better be well to do to collect gold coins. The real gold ones that is, not the gold colored ones such as the presidential dollars. It would be wise to go with your husband to a couple of coin dealers and let him check the different coins out. The first book should be what is called "The Red Book" a guide to US coins. It goes through all the US coins with mintage figures, a little on grading the different series, where to find the mint marks and a lot of useful info. The values guide in it is to be used as a guide only, for the book only comes out once a year. The first rule to coin collecting is to buy the book before the coin and never clean a coin. It actually takes some work to put a nice collection together and in the end make a few dollars. Your husband has to make up his mind what he wants to be. A coin collector who collects coins with a goal ahead such as a complete set on Lincoln cents 1909-2010. An a accumulator who just has a lot of coins but no goals and has really no collection. A numismatist a collector who has goals but also studies coins and knows their history, such people collect say varieties of early large cents or bust dollars and of course ancient coins. Last but not least is the investor who must have lots of money and can do $10,000 coins and up. Less money usually does not work and the person loses. Hope this helps. I alow email through yahoo answers if I can be of more help.

Coin collecting and all these state quarters?

Is there a list somewhere out there that will show me what coins the Mint has done. . .in the state quarters ? I have been to the US mint and cannot find a list. . . I also see that there is one issued for / to Somoa? Now it has been a LONG TIME since school . . but what is up with that? Is it part of the USA now? Guess I better go back to school. . .Also. . I see the Mint is doing something with nickels too. . .I need a lesson I guess. . .

The mints did a quarter for each of the 50 states, there is a D mint mark for the Denver mint, a P mint mark for the Philadelphia mint and the proof version has an S for the San Francisco mint. The mint then had a separate program for the District of Columbia (Washington DC) and the 5 US territories (act of congress 2008). Even though the people are not allowed to vote in US elections they are still citizens of the United States.They are the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, America samoa, The US Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Now starting this year there is a new quarter program called the National Parks, there will be one quarter for each state with a national park or national monument on it.

What was the last year that pennies were made entirely of copper?

I know pennies are now made of a mix of different medals, because copper is too expensive, but when did they stop using 100% copper?

1982 was the last year for copper pennies. And the first year for the zinc pennies. They made both types that year, and the only way to tell them apart is by weight — the zinc pennies are lighter.

100% copper pennies were last minted by the US in 1857. These were large cents, about the size of the "golden" dollar coins. The Flying Eagle and Indian Cents from 1856 to 1864 were 88% copper and 12% nickel. Beginning in 1864 Indian Cents, and later Lincoln Cents, were minted in 95% copper and 5% tin, technically this is bronze.

How Would You Like to Own a Piece of Our History?

For the most part when it comes to commemorative coins the United States Congress authorizes commemorative pieces that lionize and honor American individuals, places, events, and institutions. Although these coins are legitimate tender, they are not coined for common circulation instead they are merely coined as “art”. Each commemorative coin is produced by the United States Mint in closed quantity and is only accessible for a specific amount of time. As far as I can tell the World Trade Center coins found underneath the Twin Towers have yet to become a part of the Mint coin program, frankly I don’t really understand why! However, these coins are a part of another program; the PCGS also known as the Professional Coin Grading Service which is the premier Internet site for collectors of coins.

These coins in particular that were found in the vaults can be worth a lot of money (from a few hundred on up to a few thousand), so under advanced security measures the coins were loaded into Brinks Armored vehicles and sent to Collectors Universe a parent company of the well-known Professional Coin Grading Service.

This particular organization is the archetypal company for collectors of coins. Once this organization collected all of the coins they then continued on to catalog, grade and encapsulate in the Professional Coin Grading Service high security tamper resistant capsules along with a specially designed commemorative United States Flag insert that identifies the coins as a genuine artifact. This is how you can actually tell if a coin is legit or not and is produced like this as a part of the grading and collection guide which can be seen on their website.

There are numerous different coins being commemorated for this particular event including the 2000 World Trade Center ground zero recovery gold eagle, silver eagle, and also a few uncirculated 1993 silver eagle gem. To buy these coins you can spend anywhere from $60 on up to $1000+. These coins truly are a piece of our history and it’s definitely a part, if you could choose any part, that you should have in your collections!

It doesn’t matter if your a master at collecting these types of coins or materials or if you are just starting out, or if you are going to hold on to these for personal reasons or sell these for some cold hard cash, this is a noteworthy part of history that you can take possession over starting right this very moment. I have known of quite a few people that have inducted these coins in to their own little collection because they had a loved one or knew someone in the World Trade Center bombings, so something like this means a lot to them not only for personal reasons but for remembrance of loved ones lost. These coins are anything but gaudy, in fact they are simply amazing to even glance at in image view. I can only imagine what they really look like in person! If you think you would be interested in something like this, check it out the next time your online. I think you will be really surprised by the craftsmanship of these coins! Absolutely stunning!

Kristi Ambrose

Which coins are considered the most valuable when it comes to coin collecting?

As a general answer, it’s supply and demand, like anything else.

When a coin is rare, supply is small by definition. This includes situations where a coin may be common in bad condition, but rare in excellent condition. The supply of the nicer coins is small, so they are much more valuable.

On the demand side, popularity has a lot to do with it. For example, US coins in general sell for more than coins of some other countries because there are more people collecting them. A rare coin from some obscure nation might sell for much less than a relatively common US coin, just because few people are interested in it.

Contrary to popular opinion, age has nothing to do with it. There are a lot of 2000-year-old coins that can be had for a few dollars each.

There are a few US coins (e.g. the 1804 silver dollar) that have sold for over a million dollars. The most expensive coin ever sold was the 1933 $20 gold piece for $7.5 million, of which there is only one legally held in private hands.

American Coins – Which One Should you Collect

Main purpose of this article is to give you an insight on the topic and guide you further into understanding everything related to this subject.

If you are interested in American history, as a coin collector there is a great deal of American coins to be found. There is a great amount of information about American coins. Finding this material is probably the best way to understand what types of American coins are good to have in your coin collection.

Above all the best resource to find good data about American coins is surely the internet. You will find a great quantity of pages about different American coins, you will find information about what sort of condition your American coins must be in to be considered as being valuable. In addition to that you can also find information about the kind of coins that were used in the civil war and pre-civil war times. These types of American coins are rare but they come on the coin market once in a while. Being informed about those types of coins will help you identify them if you come across them.

While this is true these American coins are not the only one that are considered as being good to have in your collection. Here is just a small sample of coins you could be concerned about:

– Dime piece (issued almost at the very beginning of the formation of the United-States)

– American coins with unusual face designs

– American Coins with small mistakes on them

– And many more

Sometimes, the errors you find on coins including American coins are what make them unequalled for coin collectors. Gather as much Information as possible about coin grading. This will help you greatly when you start seriously collecting coins. Since there is a great amount of American coins you can buy the information you have gathered will help you distinguish the characteristics that are the hallmark of valuable coins.

Small hint!

You may want to have coin folders for all of the American coins in your collection. This will help you see the various changes that have occurred to these different denominations. You can also categorize them by period of time. For instance as Kennedy coins are within reason hard to find you may want to see what other coins from that period of time have as unusual histories.

Soon you may discover that American coins are a testament to the history that as passed us by without our even knowing.

I hope that the information above was useful to you. Cheers and thank you for reading.

Frederic Madore

What is “key” When Collecting Coins

Key Coin: A coin that is among the toughest and Most Expensive to obtain within a series. In the Lincoln Cent series, for example, the 1909-S VDB would be considered the key, as would the 1914-D and often the 1922-Plain. A coin somewhat lesser in stature but still among the tougher in a series to collect is called a semi-key; the 1909-S and 1931-S fulfill this role within the Lincoln Cent series for many collectors.

The Concept of “Key” may also apply to the Type or Purpose of the coin collection, rather than the individual coin. For example, if a collector is putting together a collection of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, without regard to the Condition of the coins, then the “keys” are the 1921, 1921-D, and 1916-S.

But if the Collector is putting together the same set in Gem BU Condition, the 1919-D and 1921-S would be considered the “keys” and the 1916-S likely would not. Also Key Date may be a replaceable term.

Certain Sellers use the term “Key Date” to generate interest in a coin, whose date may be “Key”, however, the condition of the coin is usually less than desirable. Pay Attention!

Have fun collecting your Perfect Coins!

— Robert L Taylor, JD
Copyright © 2006

Robert L Taylor, Jd

Collecting Rare Coins – Some Exciting Tips For Collectors

Rare Coins Available For The Coin Collector

All coin collectors enjoy searching for rare coins to add to their collection, and the rarer they are, the more valuable they become.

A List Of Rare Coins

Gold coins are extremely rare – they were in circulation till 1933, so they can fetch a very high value at an auction. Gold is always worth investing in as the value is on the upward trend – it never goes down.

The Liberty Seated Dollar which was produced in the 19th century is something a coin collector would like to acquire as it is a rare find.

Another coin that is worth keeping is the 20c coins which came out from 1875-1878 They resemble a quarter and today’s value is extremely low.

From 1892-1915, the Barber half dollars were minted, but collectors find it difficult to come across any of these coins that are in very good shape.

The One Standing Liberty Quarter minted in 1917 is a coin that a collector would like to own, but the design showed the breast of Ms.Liberty, and it caused a controversy so the circulation was stopped – it had only been around for a year.

In the 20th century there were Mercury dimes which were sold for $50/- each.

Another coin of great beauty is The Walking Liberty Half Dollar. This had a four year circulation and is one of the rarest coins.

Coming to the Texas Commemorative Half Dollar – this is also extremely rare and very difficult to find as there are only 60 – 80% around.

One of the most expensive coins is the $20/- Saint Gauders. This was auctioned for 8 million dollars. It has a fabulous design and its value has remained intact even during the bear years in the eighties.

It is extremely difficult to get rare coins and the coin collector needs to spend a great deal of time on research by reading magazines or going on the Web for information. He can also go to auctions or join clubs where members may be willing to exchange or sell coins. After the research, he will need to examine the coins for authenticity and check that the quality is good and the price he is paying is worth the item he is buying. A great deal of his time and expense will be spent on finding the right coin, especially if it is a very rare one. If he has the money to invest in this hobby, it is worth all the time and effort if he can get the rarest of coins and add it to his collection, because he knows that in the long run his coins will be worth a small fortune.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Grading Service – Researching The Importance Of Coins

Coin collecting is a very famous hobby, and many people have actually enjoyed doing this for ages now. Now, it has got bigger, and there are even markets, and separate tariffs for the coins.

Previously, the market for the coins was pretty much limited, and there were very few dealers and collectors who were interested in coins, and their dealing. The prices of coins were also very simple then. But now, the market has increased by a great percentage, and the number of people dealing on coins is lots in number, and this is when the whole grading service showed up.

The people who grade coins have standard practices that they follow. Grading is a very important service when coins are concerned. There are many dealers who do not have ethics and they overrate a coin and sell it to someone. People need to be careful with such dealers.

The coin grading services in the market have scales that grade all the coins that are available in market. The best thing about grading is that the coins will be assessed in a fair way, and they will be considered. The rare coins that have a possibility of being antiques is recognized, and sold… grading is the process that is done here. The scale of the coin is given as per the quality of the coin, or by the origin of the coin.

The authenticity of the coin is best when checked by the coin grading services. The sellers, who use the grading service, make sure that they get enough income, according to the coin that they are selling. This practice will also make sure that the sellers don’t put up a price tag according to their whims and fancies on the coin.

There will not be even one collector who has not been a victim of fraud. Many people get cheated when they are buying rare coins. The grading service will make sure that such counterfeit coins are not sold to the collectors.

The values of the coins keep changing with time. Employing a grading service will make sure that you get the best bet on the coin, and you will also get the updated prices of the coin, and this comes in handy if the price of the particular coin you are looking for has a lesser value than what it was previously.

Anacs, PCGS, PCI and NGC are grading people who are known for their incredible services. They have never been reported for fraud, or overrating of coins. They are professionals who are well known for the brilliant service they render. The coin grading services also help you in making adjustments in the coin. These services make sure that you get the coin repaired, polished, and even cleaned.

The above mentioned coin grading services are known for preventing frauds that the sellers do, and these people have hotline numbers to which any consumer can call up and report acts that are illegal. These people ensure the safety of the consumers.

It is always important that a consumer chooses the right kind of grading service that is well known for its credibility. The best way to check if these services are good is to make use of the forums on the internet. The information given there can be of great help. It is important for the consumer to be aware of all the frauds that can happen in the place, and they must act accordingly, to prevent themselves from falling prey to a few unscrupulous dealers.

Abhishek Agarwal

Collecting UK Coins – Exciting Facts For Collectors

The hobby of collecting coins has made certain currency coins much more valuable than the imprint from the mint that they bear. Human beings have since times immemorial tried to preserve a record of the time gone by in history, and coin collection is another such past time in reminiscence of yesteryear. You can preserve a part of a country’s history by collecting its coins. You can feel and touch the very coins that kings and emperors of the old days did, and other people can get a feel of it too, thanks to the collector.

In United Kingdom coin collection is a well respected hobby simply because English coins really are a realistic representation of the interesting history of this country. They are a true to life representation of the royalty that the country has seen – for instance collectors just love to own the fifty cent coins that were issued by the Royal Canada Mint, to facilitate Queen Elizabeth the second’s golden jubilee year.

Some interesting facts about collecting English coins -

There is a unique way to categorize the kind of United Kingdom coins you wish to collect, very much unlike the American collection system. Say for example, the name ‘new pence’ is used to describe the coins that were minted in the UK between 1971 and 1981. This term was used to make a difference between these coins and the older ancient pennies that were used before this era.

By 1982 collectors felt they needed to reassign a better word in place of ‘new’, a word that would speak of the value of the coin in question. So they started using ‘two’, ‘thirty’ and other prefixes that spoke of the coin value. This was a more accurate description as far as the collectors were concerned.

After yet another year had gone by, the two pence variety were so very common that collectors didn’t bother much about them. The Royal Mint promptly issued a limited edition series of the 2p then, only given to the famous English coin collectors! Today there exist only some twenty 2p coins bearing the ‘new pence’ word on the reverse, and coin collectors try hard to get hold of one of these.

Just as with the history of this fascinating country coin collection in the United Kingdom has seen quite a few changes over the years. The initial change was the decimal factor added to coins. This system denotes a modern value to ancient English coins that are no longer in circulation. The 20 shillings is now called the one pound by collectors.

As you could well imagine by now, collecting coins from the United Kingdom is more than just any hobby. It is collecting a piece of English history, and that is why collectors are so well respected in the country.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Finding – 5 Places To Acquire The Coins!

Most people starting coin collecting only as a hobby, but today, there are a number of people who are benefiting from this hobby by cashing in with the help of their old coin. This encouraged even more people to collect coins as an investment. If you wish to invest in coins, there are a number of places you should start.

Coin Shops:

There are a number of shop owners who are also dealers and have a lot of knowledge about coins and selling them. Such coin shops are the best places to find coins, gain information on them, and learn a little about coin collecting. However, such coin shops will probably be costly as they intend on selling coins with profit motive. If you have enough information, or you have somebody with enough knowledge about coin collecting, you should be able to get a great price for your coins.


Many a times, local malls exhibit coins from different dealers. These dealers usually display their entire collection and even let you buy some coins. Because of the competitions, coins sold at such exhibitions are usually lower in price. You will be able to see a number of new coins that can be purchased and will suite your collection.

Not only are such shows great for buyers and sellers, but they are also immensely interesting for coin enthusiasts who just like to see coins that are invaluable.

Web Sites/ Mail Orders:

The world is teeming with dealers and most of these dealers have websites that give users the option of buying coins and paying for them through an online payment system or mail orders. Research these companies well before settling for any purchase and make sure there is provision for getting your money back in case there is a problem with the coin that you have purchased.

Apart from the legitimate websites, many fake websites also exist that only intend on robbing you of your money. Try your best to get in touch with previous customers and ask them for feedback before you pay anybody online. Also remember not to disclose your pin numbers and passwords.

Flea Markets:

Although the flea market sounds like the most unlikely place to find valuable coins, it is not impossible. Usually these places do not quite understand the nuances of pricing a coin and so they have strange ideas regarding coin pricing. Therefore you might find many overpriced coins. But if you look hard enough, you just might find a unique coin hidden somewhere between the numerous stacks of coins and this could change your collection substantially.

Sellers in the flea market are mostly interested in a quick sell and will agree to give discounts on items purchased in bulk. If you try buying other items, you might get the coins as a bonus.


If you wish to invest in really rare kinds of coins, an auction is the first place you should go. These are the only places where one can find people selling really expensive and rare coins. Many auctions happen online with the sellers seeking highest bidders. However, you should always keep in mind that there are many frauds on the loose who only want to fool you into losing money. Always keep yourself informed about the price of different coins to prevent being fooled.

Investing in coins is like investing in anything else and the value will keep fluctuating. You can never tell when the value will depreciate and when the value will increase. You can increase your chances of profiting in coin collecting by keeping yourself updated regarding any news and price change of coins. This not only helps you prevent fraud but also helps you understand how to price coins without even a price list.

Abhishek Agarwal

Researching In Coin Collection – Learning The Importance Of A Coin

Have you always wanted to be a recognized coin collector? If you always wanted to be that, then, this is the right time to get started! Coin collecting is something that can be followed by people of all age groups. But, it is always important to research on this before you start off.

Most of the people want to know what is so special about collecting coins, and the research involved. Coin collecting is very easy to do, and it is something that all people can enjoy and do. Many people do not know the intricacies involved in the whole coin collecting hobby till the start off. It is very important to research the type of coin that you want to buy, before you set foot to buy it from the dealer. There is a lot of information available on the internet and in many books about the coins that are available in the market.

And, many people want to know ‘what to research?’ It is important for every coin collector to get thorough information about the various aspects of coin collecting, and a coin. This might seem to be a work that has a lot to do… but, it is really easy to do it, that too online. There are loads and loads of information available, and you can walk out to the market filled with information, and you will know what to do. The research work is what makes you different from the other collectors who don’t bother to do any sort of research work, and hence, don’t have a collection that they can be very proud about.

It is important for the beginners to start enjoying the coin collection, and make sure that they get familiarized with the basics of coin collection. The information available will also give you a brilliant idea about the ways of kick starting your collection. It is a mistake to be taking any coin that comes your way, and put it in your folder. This might actually be a bad coin that will make your otherwise good collection look goofy.

Like it was told before, it is very important for the beginners to start seeing the finer aspects and stop taking any coin that comes their way! It might first be very interesting, but, if you splatter all your funds on crappy coins that might not be all that worthy to stay in your folder, then, you might lose the interest to collect more. Always make sure that you get coins that are worth the money you pay, and make sure that they belong to the rare breed, and they are unique. There are professionals who are ready to sell a couple of coins, research about the coin that they are selling, and if you think it is something that can add more spice to your collection, just go ahead, don’t hesitate to experiment. Apart from this, there will be coins sold online, and also in auctions. Make sure you get the best bet.

Some people even go to the extent of examining the history of the coin that they are eyeing, which is absolutely unnecessary. The history will only increase your idea about the coin, and that is not going to change the worth of the coin.

Buying coins by booking it on the internet is now a very normal practice and the fidelity of these transactions are pretty good. Like stated before, it is not the number of coins that matters in a collection, but it is the quality of coins that decide the true worth of the collection, and will favor the pride of the collector.

Abhishek Agarwal

I have taken up coin collecting as a hobby what should I look for?

I decided to collect 2007 coins because that was the year my role model came into my life. And I only have 1 dime with a 2007 on it. but I can work my way up. I get change all the time. But i didn’t even
think of going through the change to find a 2007 coin.

Might I suggest you get a copy of "A Guide Book of United States Coins", also known as the Red Book. This is a standard reference for anybody who wants to collect US coins. If you can not afford to buy one right now you could borrow a copy from your local library. It has a lot of good information in it about many different aspects of the hobby. Consider joining a local coin club or the ANA ( Visit a local coin shop and or go to a coin show. There is a lot of good information available for beginning collectors at all these places.

Collecting from your pocket change is a good way to start building your collection. In fact this is how most long term collectors (including myself) get started in the hobby. As for the year 2007. You should not have too much trouble collecting all the coins from that year from your daily change. A little bit of patience and perseverance will get you there. You should have a penney, nickel, dime, all 5 state quarters and all 4 of the presidential dollars (these you may have to get at a bank as they do not circulate very much). If you want to get ambitious you can get both the Philadelphia and Denver versions of each coin also (read the Red Book so you can tell the difference).

The key is to have fun and maybe it will become a lifetime hobby for you.

Coin Collecting – A General Idea For Beginners

e internet, or other professional dealers.

The coin collectors who are looking to make a lot of profit from this coin collection are known as investors… these are the people who look to find coins that are limited editions, outdated, or, rare. There are kids who do this as a hobby, and the interest that they develop early in their life gets magnified when they grow up, and they sure rock the field with their collections.

Abhishek Agarwal

COINS-How can I tell which 1971 & 1977 half dollars are silver clad ?

Some were minted by accident back then.

They are all minted, really think about that for a minute…. Anyway, look at the sides of the coins, where the ridges are…. And look for the copper, if there is none you might have a solid silver coin…. By the way, the sound that a coin makes when it is dropped, is different than a copper coin. A silver quarter versus a regular quarter- sound different. that goes for all coins.

How to tell different 1982 pennies apart?

I’m starting my coin collection and there are 8 spots for 1982 pennies. The problem is I can’t tell them apart! Does anybody know how to tell 1982 pennies apart?
They are made from different medals. I dont know how to tell what kind of medals are witch.

There are three different mints and the mint mark would tell which came from which. A D under the year date means it was minted in Denver. An S means San Francisco. No mint mark at all means Philadelphia. In addition to that, there are pennies where the date is small and where the date is large. They only made large date in Denver. By comparing them with a magnifying glass you would be able to tell the difference. In addition to that, they changed the metal content of the penny in 1982. At first, it was mostly copper, later on they switched to mostly zinc (with a copper plating on the outside). The only way to tell this is to cut open the penny, drop it and listen to the sound it makes, or weigh it. The copper coin makes a higher ringing sound and the zinc coin makes a lower dead sound. The mostly copper penny weighs more, 3.1grams versus the 2.5 grams for the mostly zinc. I have a digital scale that only weighs in grams but it does show 3 for the copper and 2 for the zinc. San Francisco only made the copper ones.

So I’m guessing your 8 are:

Copper Philly Large date
Copper Philly Small date
Copper Denver Large date
Copper SanFran Large date
Zinc Philly Large date
Zinc Philly Small date
Zinc Denver Large date
hmm, that’s only 7.

Coin Collecting Dealers – How To Find An Ideal One

If you are a coin collector looking to expand on the collection, why not approach a good dealer? Dealers specialize in rare, ancient and limited edition varieties of coins. They are going to give you a bill of course, so it is good to work within a budget at all times with dealers. In any case, if you have the money the dealers are the easiest way you can get your hands on some valuable coins. There are quite a few options you can consider to find the right dealer.

You can find information on anything under the sun, on the internet. Coin dealers are no exception to this. Look in online directories for dealers near your locality. Online directories are of course, online versions of the yellow pages. You can find information on a variety of businesses in your locality. If you live in a village, chances are you may have to drive as far as the nearest city to find the dealer. Maybe you could simply use a search engine like Google to find a dealer near you. Simply type in the details like ‘coin collector’ and followed by your town, city or state. A search such as ‘coin dealer Atlanta’ will give you a comprehensive list of dealers in the Atlanta region. Even if you can deal with the person over the phone, you could still make use of the internet to verify facts. If you are buying a particular coin from a dealer, read up on its history on the internet. You will also find that many dealers can go through the whole sales process over the internet. Meaning you check out their collection of the website, select on the coins you wish to purchase after seeing the images and reading the text, and finally pay online with a credit card, debit card or something like paypal.

Local Directories
Going through the local yellow pages or telephone directory at your city is also a great way to find dealers. This way you do not waste your time checking out results that are not relevant, and you only get to see the dealer names not too far from your location. Also check out the advertisements in local newspapers and magazines. Many a time you will find interesting collectors and dealers on the penpal sections in magazines and newspapers. Look out for free advertisement papers – you will sooner or later see advertisements on old coins. Another idea is to check out the local auction houses where dealers often auction their coins, and if you are lucky you could buy an entire collection in one go at the auctions. Once you find the right dealer to do business with, you will find yourself using their services time and again.

Abhishek Agarwal

How much would I make if I sold the following to a Coin Collecting shop?

One Irish Coin. Six Italian Coins. 12 French coins. 10 British Coins. 2 Indian Coins. 2 coins from Aruba. One Chinese Coin. One Costa Rican Coin. One unknown coin. One 2 dollar bill Bermuda, one German dollar.

You made no mention of the condition of the coins. It may not cost you much to have them appraised if they look that they have any value but don’t go to them unless you have the feeling you have something to offer them.

Coin Collecting Software – Great Benefits Of Some Software Packages

Using Software Packages For Coin Collecting

Coin collectors face a variety of problems – for starters they have a whole lot of coins but not sufficient information on the different types of coins and their coins certainly need to be organized.

In order to keep track of your coins and get them organized there are professional software packages that have been specially prepared with the coin collector in mind.

These software packages are a great assistance to the collector as they help to organize and track the data and they also help the collector in finding other coins that he may like to collect.

Many Other Advantages Of The Software Packages

Since the US mint has over 300 billion coins, it is practically impossible to sort through these coins in order to add a few to your collection. That is why the Organizer Buddy has been created to assist the collector to organize and track down the coins.

There is another software program called the Statistical Reports Provider. Here the collector can record reports on his coins so that he can browse through them at any time.

At the click of the mouse, the coin collector can look at his data either in virtual or tabular form, and this will help him to keep tabs on his collection.

The Software packages also have templates that can be easy to implement even for the novice in technology. These templates are always readily available in order to record the data and organize the collection. There are no elaborate formulas to be used, so it becomes simple for the collector.

Apart from all these advantages , these software packages saves the collector valuable time which can be useful in looking out for rare coins and taking a delight in his collection instead of wasting time tracking down and managing his coins – this can be done at the click of a button.

Keeping a regular record of the coins, organizing and tracking them down can take up a great deal of time, and many coin collectors are forced to give up this hobby because of the long and time consuming hours spent on these jobs. This is the reason why it is essential to lighten your load and concentrate on other things that make your hobby enjoyable. When there is a system that can take care of the tedious task of organizing your data, you should take advantage of it and make your life easier.

Computer technology has come to stay, and although it is a little overwhelming at the start for those who feel that they are not technical minded, once you get the hang of it you will find that it makes your load lighter and you can actually enjoy your hobby.

Abhishek Agarwal

What is the significance of pre 1960 nickels?

Are they worth more than nickels after 1960? I already know war and buffalo nickels are worth some $. But if I’ve got a lot of pre 60s nickels then what do I do with them?

Probably the wrong area for your question, as this does not pertain to mathematics. However, some info for you:

Some pre-1960 nickels may be worth more than post-1960 nickels, however there are many factors involved. There are also two different definitions of "worth". The first definition would be the actual value of the metal that goes into making the nickel. The second definition would be the actual amount of money anyone out there would be willing to pay you for your nickel (i.e. a coin collector). So, along these lines:

1. the value of the metal itself. wartime nickels (1942-1945) were made with 35% silver content. This precious metal in itself makes these nickels more valuable than a nickel you’d find in your pocket change right now.

2. for coin collectors, the condition of the nickels will also be a big factor in their worth. If a nickel has been in circulation for a long time and is very worn, it will be worth far less than a nickel in pristine condition. There are companies out there that, for a fee, will assign a grade to your coin. This allows coin collectors to know the condition of your coin without having to look at it themselves. is one of the leading coin grading companies out there. If they happen to grade your nickels perfect (grading is based on a scale from 1 to 70, with 70 being perfect), it will command a significant premium over other coins.

3. the other main factor in determining the worth of your nickels (for coin collectors) is the rarity of the nickel. Even some of the buffalo nickels from 1913-1938 aren’t very rare, and might only be worth slightly more than a nickel to collectors if they’re in very worn shape. However, when the US Mints are pressing coinage, some mints make more coins than other mints. For old buffalo nickels, the majority were made from the Philadelphia mint, however some were also pressed at the San Francisco mint, and some from the Denver mint. The ones from the San Francisco mint have an "S" mint mark on them, while the ones from the Denver mint have a "D" mint mark on them. The ones from Philadelphia do not have any mint mark. Because there were fewer coins put in circulation from the San Francisco and Denver mints for these years, these coins will generally command a premium over coins minted from Philadelphia.

Anyway, there you go for starters. It’s not as simple as it would seem to be. However, if you’re inquiring about standard Jefferson nickels pre-1960 (and not wartime nickels) that are worn from circulation, then your answer would be no, they’re not really worth more than nickels from after 1960.

I need to know the value of some silver half dollars and quarters, or a website to find out!?

I have a variety of silver half dollars and quarters. 1957,1961,1963,1964,1965,1966, and 1968 half dollars. And also, 1946,1953,1962,1963,1964 quarters all silver. Are they worth anything, or can you tell me a website to find out if they are or not? Thanks for your time!

First the 1965, 1966 and 1968 half dollars are only 40% silver. The rest of your items are standard issue 90% silver coins. There is nothing rare or special about your dates, all are common. There is no mention of the condition of the coins so I am going to assume they are in average circulated condition. In that condition they have more value for their silver than any collector value. Figure 8 times face value for the 90% stuff maybe 2 or 3 times face for the 40% silver.

Sorry, not a whole lot of value but a nice start on a collection.

Coin Collecting In The US – The Verity Involved In The Process

There are people who just love money, whether they collect it or spend it, they just love it. It is money that provides them almost everything.

The coin collectors are perfect examples for such people, they just fall in love with coins, and even a look at them will let their minds jump up in joy.

In United States, this coin collecting frenzy was widespread even during 1652. There were business people during this period, who distributed their personal coins.

There were some people who even wanted to combine the various categories and forms. This is only because of their fascinations for the coins that are manufactured in the US.

There have been almost 300 billion coins out in the last 30 years in the US.

The different states in the US were allowed to mint their own coins, and this lead to a situation where the coin collections went up like a forest fire. There were different types of coins for the different states. This was exactly why the ‘rare coins’ came into existence.

Following are the points that will give you a better idea about the coin collecting trends in the US:

1. 1787 was the year in which the “federally” approved government coin came in for the US. ‘Fugio Cent’, as it was called, was introduced, and it was secretly manufactured in the country.

2. The US Mint is directly responsible for the manufacture of any coins in the US. All the metals are rolled up as loops, the measurements are given, and all the coins don’t have the same type of metal, a few of them use a different metal. Zinc is used in case of manufacture of ‘pennies’, and nickel is used in the case of ‘nickels’.

The coins in the US were further subdivided as US dime, US nickel and US cent.

There are a lot of intricacies in the US coin collection, and a person who can travel through all the intricacies can actually establish his collection of coins in the best possible way.

Collecting coins in the US is seen not only as a hobby, but the people there see this as a great way to show their patriotism, and keep the country’s history and culture alive.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Collecting Books – 3 Ways To Choose The Best Ones

The handbook by the cosmos is one that holds all the needed facts that every numismatist needs, virtually speaking.

The fact is that numismatics books are a basic requirement for all coin collectors as they offer all the essential data in that an accumulator needs to exceed in this kind of hobby.

Almost all expert numismatists propose that every “entrant” in coin collection should purchase a book before she or he purchases a coin. Employing in this activity isn’t just a “finder’s keepers” game. The argument on this particular concept is based on the assumption that coin collection isn’t an average action where people could just grab any type of coin which they see. It’s very important to acknowledge the basic principles of coin collection to appropriately categorize the varieties of coins which are fit for compiling.

Not every coin is worth of collecting, and there is pennies that some may not consider eligible but are actually infrequent and worthy. Nothing of this would happen if a numismatist if he gains information from numismatology books.

For people who wish to purchase books but don’t know what to seek, here is a tilt of the affairs which should be considered while buying:

1. It should give the historical chronicle of the coins

While buying numismatology books, search those that would give you an historical view of the type of coin which you would want to accumulate. For example, if you’re going to gather U.S.A.’s. Coins purchase a book which would tell about the history of those coins.

2. It should give you concrete guidelines in “ranging” coins

It’s necessary for all the numismatists to own a book which provides the information about the sort of appropriate skills needed while “ranging” coins. Ranging is such a crucial skill that every numismatist should acquire the skill if they want to carry on accumulating coins and be eminent performing so.

3. It should give information about the coins in a very broad view

Numismatology books which discuss the different varieties of coins in this globe is a “have must property”. These are particularly helpful to people who don’t have any particular country in their thoughts.

Always, books are the greatest companion of man as history unfolds. Numismatology books worth more than being the friend of the collector, these are considered as treasures in the form they are.

Abhishek Agarwal

A Brief Guide to Ancient Coin Collecting

Ancient coin collecting can be loads of fun. It can be both a hobby as well as a source of income. Ancient coins do not come cheap and can be quite expensive. The price tag attached to them directly depends on their uniqueness and rarity. You will need to take into consideration a few things whenever you are on the lookout for ancient coins.

Doing a bit of research before you shop around for ancient coins is the best way to go about the entire process. As a coin collector you need to be aware of what exactly an ancient coin is and how to identify one. Being knowledgeable about these aspects truly helps since otherwise you can be duped into buying fake ones. Ancient coin collecting can be that much easier if you were to do your homework thoroughly.

You can always find an appraiser or a local dealer near you, from whom you can seek assistance. You can also try hunting for ancient coins at different auctions, either in person or over online sources too. There is a huge variety of ancient coins that you can collect from. Being focused on a particular era in history is a good way to start your ancient coin collecting endeavor. This will help you gain knowledge about a specific niche whenever you are collecting ancient coins.

You can start off your ancient coin collecting process by purchasing coins that are the least expensive. Try and make a list of the coins that you want. This will help you to arrive at your budget. You can gradually go in for more expensive coins, once your collection grows gradually over a period of time. Ancient coin collecting can be a really fulfilling hobby if you were to take care of all these aspects.


Coin Collecting Hobby – Fun And Experience Unlimited

Coin collecting is one activity that has actually kindled the interest of many people of all age groups. Coin collecting is not seen just as an activity that is done for fun, but is also take seriously as a hobby by many people.

There are people who look to make more money with the coin collection hobby. But, it is important for them to realize that they don’t really need to look only at the monetary part of the collection, but they can also see the fun involved, and not bother much about the investment.

Many people from the previous generations had the habit of collecting coins… maybe they realized that these coins will someday have a price more than it’s own value. The coin collecting hobby was considered royal, and coin collection was a rage in the royal family.

But nowadays, it is not seen as a hobby only for the ‘kings’. It has boiled down to the range of a layman, and most of the people who are into coin collection today are not very affluent, but they are normal men.

The Reason for Popularity:

This is seen as one of the most popular hobbies, and the reason for this is the basic interest to try things out differently.

It is possible for anyone to start off collecting coins; it can be done from any place, without much investment. The phase when a person takes in all the coins and expands his collection is called the ‘accumulator’ stage.

As soon as the collector manages to get the hang of the whole process, the hobby becomes more aggressive, and he tends to look for coins in whatever he sees, and this is when the person turns out to be more professional. They will be ready to do anything to bring just ‘one dime’, which is considered rare, into their collection.

Coin collecting is by far one of the most interesting hobbies that ever existed, and it sure does kick start ones urge to be adventurous.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Collecting- Tips For Beginners

Are you interested in pursuing the hobby of coin collecting? If so, then you are not the only one. There are many reasons as to why coin collecting is such a popular hobby and one is because it is not a very easy task. So, if you wish to make your own collection of coins as a hobby or if you wish to do so in order to reap profits at a later date, there are many factors that you must keep in mind.

Research is the foremost factor that you should take into consideration while coin collecting. There is no end to the amount of research you can do and you can never do enough research. The most successful collectors of coins in the world are the people who took the time out to research and explore the entire arena of coin collection. The different subjects related to coin collecting that you should research on include types of coins, history of coins, recommended supplies for coin collection, coin values and more.

If you are a beginner, the best thing for you to do is collect as many coins as you possibly can. Try saving all the coins that you come across so that you can examine them in detail later on. This approach works for most beginners as many of them are not aware of the value of their coins, especially if the coin has not been examined thoroughly. While following this method, it will not take a long time to develop a rather large collection of such coins. At this point, all coin collectors should conduct an examination of their coins and separate out the valuable ones from the others. From this point, with some experience, coin collectors should slowly change their collecting habits.

Once a sufficiently large collection has been gathered, with the first set of coins closely examined and sorted, the important thing to consider is storage. Unfortunately, there are many beginners who commit big mistakes while storing their coins. Many collectors simply put their coins into a box or jar. Although such a casing is enough for storage of coins, it can also result in irreparable damage. If you own coins that are rare or high in value, chances are their value will increase with time, and so it is important to take proper care of them. Normally, it is not recommended to store coins in coin holders for a long time. They are alright for display but should not be used for storing. For storage, it is best to use a coin album or a coin folder.

Another important factor for developing a coin collection is knowing what you are buying. Whether you are collecting as a hobbyists for as an investment, it is always good to have enough information regarding your purchase. All coin collectors wish to gather valuable or rare coins and the only way to get your hands on such coins is through purchase. Almost all professional coin dealers will have a good understanding and view of the worth of their coins. Therefore, there is not much danger of scamming, although it is always better to examine the value and condition of a coin before making any decision. If a coin costs more than twenty dollars, research it.

Apart from coin dealers, the internet is a viable source from which to purchase coins, especially through auction websites. If you are a beginner, you could not ask for a better facility. You will be surprised by what you find. There are a number of renowned coin collectors who sold their entire collection online. As stated before, caution is of utmost necessity while purchasing. There are many people who, unlike dealers, do not know the full value of the coin they are selling. This could result in the over estimation of the worth of a coin. If you have not done enough research and do not have sufficient information, you could end up paying more than you should.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Collecting Themes – How To Identify Your Own Theme

Collecting coins is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. Though many of these collectors of coins have themes which they choose to stick to, there is no necessity to follow any particular themes for coin collecting. You could just start off by collecting random coins if you are new to the hobby, however you will find it much more intriguing if you do select a series to work with.

Though professional collectors collect all kinds of coin they can get their hands on, many do choose a theme for the coins they collect. So many of these collectors say it’s fun to hunt rare and valuable coins they always prefer to go with it. We’ve listed a few examples for you.

Collecting coins on a country based theme is popular. In this theme there are two choices. That is to collect different coins which were currencies of one particular country over a long period of time or may be decades together. Some coin collectors collect coins from different countries in the world. You could narrow it down further by collecting coins from a particular country during a particular decade.

There are others who build their theme of coin collection based on the inscription on the coin .There are many variations in inscription based on different countries around the world and coins collected based on this theme helps us to learn the history. This is also a great way to get your child interested in history education, if the conventional approaches seem a bit too clich

Abhishek Agarwal

Rare Silver Certificates: What are the Most Valuable Silver Certificates?

Most silver certificates are worth only a small premium over their actual face value. For example, the common 1935 and 1957 certificates would sell for $1.25 to $1.50 in average circulated condition.  A note of this type in uncirculated condition would fetch a bit more, perhaps $2.00 to $4.00.

Many collectors purchase silver certificates because of their rich history, uniqueness, and love of paper money.  However, for the serious currency investor, their are a few notes worth obtaining for their monetary value and opportunity for appreciation.  I’ve compiled a list of some of the more valuable notes available on the market today:

1.  FR-251 – 1899 $2.00 Agricultural & Mechanics large-sized note, with a serial number of one.  This certificate in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is practically priceless.  For the untutored collector, a bill in GEM uncirculated 65 condition is absolutely perfect.  It would have no tears, stains, rips, or folds.  It would have razor sharp corners, absolutely perfect margins and no pinholes whatsoever.  In other words, it would be a bill that is in absolute perfect condition!

What makes this note so special?
a. LOW serial number of D1
b. Extremely high certified grade
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of VERNON-TREAT

I discovered one such note on eBay, selling for over $20 million dollars!

2.  FR-268 -1896 $5.00 Educational certificate.  It has a GEM uncirculated 68 condition – which indicates maximum perfection.

What makes this note so special?
a. The final Educational Note series
b. The only known CGA GEM-68 that exists
c. One time MATCHING signature combination of TILLMAN-MORGAN.

Other rare notes worth collecting:

1.  Two – 1896 $1.00 large-size Educational Silver Certificates
These are absolutely beautiful notes:

a.  Only 6 serial numbers
b.  2 Consecutives (very rare!).
c.  High Grade
d. Only Lowest high-grade, consecutive serial number in existence

This pair was selling for over $84,000!

2.  FR-330 – 1891 $50.00 Silver Certificate
There are only 6 of these notes in existence and only a couple ever seen in public.  I discovered one selling on eBay, in PMG Fine 12
condition, for $23,000

3.  FR-23 – 1886 $5.00 certificate.
In PCGS 65 condition, this one was fetching in the neighborhood of $27,000.

4.  FR-343 – 1891 $100.00 Silver Certificate.  Only 15 of these notes are known to exist.  I found on selling on eBay, in in PMG Fine 12 condition, for $16,500.

As you can see, there are many unique, rare and very valuable silver certificates worth collecting and investing in. Before purchasing any paper money online, always do your homework, ask questions, investigate the reputation of the seller carefully, and make sure a 100% full, money-back guarantee
is offered on the sale!

Christina Goldman

Coin Collecting And Numismatics – The 5 Nuances Of Numismatics

Numismatics involves studying banknotes, token coins, stock certificates, medallion and money. It is believed that numismatics was established during the reign of Julius Caesar who also wrote the first book on this subject. This topic is a very interesting one as every coin or medal represents a particular culture, era, politics and economy.

Numismatists are the people who study the over all appearance and history of the currency mentioned above. They should not be confused with coin collectors. Coin collectors, unlike numismatists, only interest themselves in the collection of coins and the related prestige. A numismatist, however, can also be a collector or coins.

Through the years, the popularity of coin collecting has increased immensely. Animals and famous people who depict a certain era are the most popular.

Generally, numismatists are interested in the origins, appearance, production and variety of money. Their aim is to explore the different types of currency and their role in history with the help of mint information. The facility of place where a particular coin was manufactured is called its mint. Numismatists are also involved in the grading or authentication of coins in order to discern their market value. in order to facilitate this, many coin grading systems were established.

At present, there are three third party facilities involved in the authentication of paper money and coins. They are: the NGC or the Numismatic Guaranty corporation, Sarasota, Florida; PMG or Paper Money Grading; and the PCGS or Professional Coins Grading System, Newport Beach, CA.

PCGS was established in the year 1986 and is a third party organization that authenticates and grades coins for commercial purposes. This independent body provides expert opinion on coin rating. NGC, another third party institution established in the year 1987, offers services to numismatists in particular. The PMG, unlike the above mentioned bodies, only authenticates paper money and is a department of the PCGS.

There are a few components used by numismatists in grading coins:

1. Luster- this determines if a particular coin has been in circulation. If a coin is of higher grade, it should be free from all blemishes and imperfections and be technically intact.
2. Surface Preservation. The location and type of abrasion on a coin’s surface is an important factor that determines the coin’s grade. This does not mean that an abrasion lowers the coin’s grade. For instance, if a coin is good looking but has an unnoticeable abrasion at the back, it will not affect the value of the coin. But there is a difference in case the abrasion is located at the focal point or in the front.
3. Strike. Strike is the process of designing a coin where the coin is stamped on a planchet. The strike does not weigh much in the grading.
4. Coloration. A few coin collectors feel that the color of a coin impacts its value to a large extent especially when the coin is made of silver or copper.
5. Aesthetic appeal. There are a few coins that are anything but perfect but a collector might find such a coin valuable or attractive. However, even such coins need to examined before their true value is determined.

If you have absolutely no experience in the grading of coins, it is best you seek the help of experts. Coins are important, not only to people who love the study and collection of coins but also to society as they are representatives of different historic eras. One should always have the basic knowledge required to collect coins.

Abhishek Agarwal

What is the value of 1967 and 68 Canadian Silver quarters?

I have rolls of Canadian 1967, 1968 Silver quarters, What is the value, and they are for sale.

The ’67 quarters will have their silver value and if they had been in packaged mint condition (not rolled) they would have additional value to a collector. There were two quarters made in ’67, one weighed 5.83 grams and the other 5.05 grams. The former is .8000 silver and the latter .500 silver. If you’re trying to sell to a dealer or as silver scrap you will likely get between 50% and 70% of silver value, depending on quantity.

The ’68 quarters will, for the most part, be worth a quarter, but it depends on if they are the silver ones or the non-silver quarters. The silver quarters won’t be attracted to a magnet. The non-silver ones, unless in packaged mint condition, are worth face-value. The silver coins weigh 5.05 grams and contain .500 silver.

So, to determine silver value, you’d have to weigh the coins and test the ’68 coins with a magnet.

Essential Supplies In Coin Collecting – 7 Essentials To Maintaining Your Coins In Mint Condition

In coin collecting, all that matters is the condition of that coin. In the coin collecting world, the coins are the most valuable things, and that is why they are in so much demand, and they are protected from any sort of damage. Having the right kind of supplies is important for the collector to preserve the coin. Even a small damage can decrease the value of the coin to a great extent.

Following are a few supplies that will help you handling the coins:


Be sure you don’t end up scratching a coin when you are handling it. Using gloves will surely keep you away from scratching the coins, and will not inflict any sort of damage to the coin. The glove must be made of plastic, or cotton.

Coin tweezers

In case you find it uncomfortable using the gloves, then, the coin tweezers can help. These are special tweezers whose tips are made of plastic, and prevent the tweezers from scratching your coin.

Magnifying glass

It is important that you get a closer look of the coins. Magnifying glasses can be used to examine the coins. Most of the magnifying glasses of today are having special stands attached to them. This will let the collector use both his hands while examining the coin, and prevent any sort of damage.

Cleaning materials

It is necessary that every collector uses a very soft cloth, and some soap water to clean their coins.


It is very important to put a cloth that is very soft or a mat before he starts working. This will save the coin from getting damaged, in case the collector accidentally drops the coin, and decreases the value of the coin. The mat will play a shock absorber, and save the coin from getting damaged.


Most of the coin collectors use special boards when they are exhibiting their proud coin collection.


It is important that a collector uses an envelope when he is transporting his coins. The envelope lets the collector rest in peace, and does divert his mind off the coin, as it is very safe to transport it using the envelope. Information about the coins can also be written on the envelope.

Holders, boxes, folders are other supplies that would facilitate the collector to preserve his coins in the best possible way. And, the right type of supply will play a big role in deciding the value of a coin.

Abhishek Agarwal

Coin Collecting Kits – Tips To Obtain A Good Kit

Some Basic Necessities For Your Coin Collecting Kit

Coin collecting involves a whole lot more than just possessing coins as a hobby. It is a more elaborate process and you will need a good kit for developing this hobby in order to make it profitable and organized.

Essential Tools For Your Kit

Professional coin collectors need to make use of Coin Guides, which are not only for beginners, but need to be used by experienced coin collectors as well.

These Guides inform you of the procedure in starting your collection and how to continue it.

It will also give you all the necessary information on coins as each coin is different in regard to pricing and value.

It is always best to glean as much information as you can from the Guide, otherwise you may not make correct decisions due to lack of knowledge.

It is absolutely necessary to record and list everything in your collection. This way you have a record of each item and its worth in terms of value, cost and the year. That is why a Coin Inventory Record is a must as it organizes the collection and you can get all the information at once.

Here again there are options to choose from while recording – you could do it manually on paper or use a software.

Another important tool to invest in is a Coin Container. This will protect your coins. Chemicals like sulfur in paper and PVC in plastic are not good in the long run for storing purposes.

In order to keep the temperature at an even keel you could use Silica Gel packets.

While grading coins, Magnifying Glasses are essential – a 7x magnification is right, but you could also use anything between 4x to10x. The Magnifying glass helps in detecting flaws and scratches, which cannot be seen ordinarily, but for coin collectors it is absolutely essential to determine the authenticity and value of the coins.

A good lamp is essential and needs to be kept about half a meter from your working area. A halogen lamp would fit the bill or a 75 watt light would also do, but lighting is extremely essential when you are spending time with your coin collection.

A professional coin collector knows that his coins need to be handled with care with no finger marks on them. For this purpose, he will get either velvet pads or surgical gloves to prevent marks on the coins, as he knows that the coins value will depreciate.

These are the basics for your coin collecting kit – you may want to take it further and get some more things to keep your coins in top condition, but with these basics, you are on your way to taking care of and enjoying your collection.

Abhishek Agarwal

Research In Coin Collecting – Learning The Value Of The Coins

Coin collecting is something that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Even if you are a newbie to the whole coin collecting thingy, fret not… there are many people who have started coin collection late in life, but have seen profits that they never even imagined. If you are not the kind that looks to make profit from the habit, and you are looking to pass the coins on to the next generation, then, you are a different kind of collector altogether. There are many kinds of values that one person must focus on, so that the collection is influenced. It’s the values that matter.

Even though it is good to hear that it is very important to hold values while collecting coins, most of the new collectors are still bewildered as to why they should be so. The collection of coins for a collector is invaluable till he sells it out to someone else. Not all the coins that a famous collector has get sold out. A whole a lot of statehood quarters get sold for way much lesser than what a bunch of old coins get sold for. It is important for a collector to actually research a coin till they find the origin of the coin, and also check the values of the coins.

It is important for the collectors to start off from scratch when he is trying to research the values of various coins. The basics of coin collecting need to be mastered to be a successful coin collector. One needs to know how much he must pay for the coin, however rare it is. Never pay the full value, in case the coin is distorted or damaged. These are the basics, and following these will do a sea of good for the collectors.

The next step of research is to check the correct value of a coin, and make sure that the coin is in good shape. This is the step prior to buying a coin from any professional dealer. The dealers who are in the coin collecting field will be able to provide you with the exact details, and will make sure that you don’t get cheated, and you will also get the correct Sheldon Scale value.

Use the internet effectively to make sure that you get the best deals on the coins, and the Sheldon System. You will be able to find the best bets for the coins on the internet, and all the researches can also be done. It is always better to get all the coins by dealing personally, but then, if you can be careful, and if the fidelity of the website is good, then, you can go ahead and buy it online.

The printed resources are also important, and you must make sure that you research the coin values. The printed materials are available online, and can also be found in the community libraries. The date is to be considered when a coin is being examined. It is always better to find resources that are updated, as they will give you much better information.

It is important that the coin collectors who are collecting with profit motives take a look at all the resources online, and make sure that you get what you need. Always keep a track of all the values of the coins, and keep the profits in mind while working.

Abhishek Agarwal

Web sites for coin collecting books?

I am looking for a web site to buy a book to fill up with silver quarters, walking liberty halves etc I want to be able to fill them up according to date.. Dont tell me Ebay because I already looked and failed.

Here are several options for you. The more expensive styles typically display both sides of the coin while the less expensive ones only display one side. Please search the links as there are multiple options at each website. I hope that helps.

Storing Your Coins – Benefits Of Coin Collecting Albums

Storage Spaces for Your Coin Collection

A coin collector is always thinking of how to keep his coins in as safe a place as possible, because coins are his hobby and his collection is precious to him, therefore he needs to find a secure place to store his coins.

There are many kinds of spaces available for storing coins, some of them are plastic tubes and there are also different types of folders, but the coin collecting album is by far the best way to keep your coins safe and display them.

Benefits Of The Coin Collecting Album

One of the major benefits of the coin collecting album is that you can view your coins on both sides. This eliminates the procedure of taking the coins out every time you want to look at them. That is why the album is preferable.

Another decided advantage of the album in preference to folders or any type of coin storage is the fact that your coins are spared wear and tear.

Albums use materials like plastic which provides a protection against scratches and dust.

There are gold coin holders available which have pockets for your coins. These pockets provide protection for old or heavily used coins. When the coins are very old they keep dropping out, but when you use coin collecting albums, they are safe and secure.

Another factor is the price. The albums are available for $20/- or $40/- This may be a little more pricey, but so far as storage is concerned you cannot make a better choice. Since safe storage is a priority, the album is the best buy.

There is also an Information Center provided with coin collecting albums. You can use the front cover for all that you want to write about your coins. There is also a back cover where you can place your vintage figures, so as you can see, every coin collector can proudly look over his coin collection in an organized manner.

Taking stock of all these advantages with the coin collecting album, as opposed to the usual folders and holders, the coin collector will find that he can view his coins better and store them in a safe and secure manner. Although he may pay more for the album, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, for he can view the coins on both sides, keep them from being scratched, and make use of the Information Center which allows him to write all about his coins on the front page and store his prized figures at the back.

All in all, the coin collecting album has all the features that will keep your coins intact and provide you with many hours of pleasure while viewing your coins.

Abhishek Agarwal

Commemorative Coins – What Every Collector Longs For

Commemorative Coins As Souvenirs

The popularity of commemorative coins has risen. Often they are given as gifts for special occasions and are kept for many years as souvenirs from a dear friend or loved one.

There is a great demand for commemorative coins among collectors as it signifies a mint date or an important event.

From the 1970’s there were individual commemorative coins in the market each year, but now they come in packages as sets. This type of marketing is largely because of the introduction of the euro and the depreciation of the coins which started in 1971.

Some countries have used commemorative coins for propaganda and Royalty has issued coins to mark special events or occasions.

The Different Commemorative Coins Produced

In 1892 the Columbian Exposition was remembered by the production of the half dollar. This was to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

The next year the quarter dollar came into existence – this honored the Spanish Queen Isabella who championed Women’s Rights.

In the 1900’s the early coins in silver were introduced – these coins were in honor of George Washington and Lafayette – the next year the half dollar came out and there were legal tender coins to celebrate historical events from 1892-1954.

The Washington Quarter dollar came out in 1932 – this was in honor of George Washington’s 200th birth anniversary and is an extremely well known commemorative coin and enjoys a wide circulation.

Commemorative coins from 1892-1954 were not circulated as the United States had not legalized it for the public so collectors do not pay high costs for these coins.

The Bicentennial quarter came into existence in 1975. This commemorative coin was the second one to be circulated and the half and silver dollars (1776-1976) were issued again and these were considered a special edition for collectors.

Each collector has his own individual taste in coins. Most of the collectors prefer the modern coins, but there are those who like the coins from 1892-1954. The modern coins have different monetary values according to the series.

There have been many series that have come out and there was a suggestion to Congress to release the Lincoln cent to commemorate his birth anniversary. But it is not known whether a commemorative coin of 1 cent will ever be released.

There seems to be a strange pattern in the circulation of commemorative coins. The silver and half dollar coins from 1776-1976 are not really popular with collectors because they are scarce. The coins that are most in circulation are the quarter dollars. It would be indeed something of a speculation if the proposal to circulate the commemorative coin of one cent denomination will eventually come into being.

What Are Commemorative Coins – Commemorative Coins Hold A Meaning

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Coin collecting; any good tips?

i want to be able to collect at least 250 dollars in coin collecting– does anyone know a easy way i can collect them?
imm not trying tooo buy coins, i wanna find themm, or save them,, any GOOOD! tips?

You could use a coin dealer. Or you could use ebay. There are many coin sellers there. What is it you want to collect – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, or dollars?? Or do you want a combination of all of these??

Ok, I see you don’t want to pay for these. About all you can do, is look thru the change you get. Look for the presidential dollars, the different state quarters & some of the varieties of nickles.

Before the u.s. went to copper-clad coins, you had a chance of getting some rare coins. But since 1964, that is no longer possible.

Silver- the Perfect Christmas Gift

When you read the title you probably are thinking that he is suggesting I buy silver jewelry for my wife’s Christmas present. No, that is not what I’m suggesting. With the current state of the economy and with the value of the dollar plummeting as we speak you stand to make a significant amount of money and also protect your wealth.

Below are the reasons why you should own silver coins or bullion this Christmas:

1) Wealth Protector. Since 2003, when the silver bull market officially began, silver has appreciated more than 200%. At the same time the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up a whopping 30%.

2) The Dollar Is Worthless. I have yet to understand why we use a currency that is based strictly off of confidence and not on a tangible asset such as gold and silver. Since 2000 the dollar has lost 33% of it’s value compared to the Euro. Have you noticed that your gas, electric, and food bill in the last several years has increased significantly while nominal wages have decreased.

3) Limited Supply. As with all tangible assets there is a finite supply of silver on this earth. The United States used to have the largest silver stockpile in the history of the world. In 1970 the U.S. had 350 million ounces of silver. As of 2007 they have about 50 million ounces in inventory. Where did it go? The U.S. government sold it to the industrial industry to keep up with demand for their products such as computers. With very little silver available for investment you stand to profit big time.

4) Printing Press. As the government bailes out everybody under the sun one morning we are all going to wake up with the cost of a loaf of bread $1,000. The money that the government is giving to Wall Street and soon to be Detroit is newly printed money. Money that we do not have. Guess what happens when the government prints more money… you guessed right, Inflation! An invisible tax that we get to pay while the Wall Street CEO’s get millions of dollars in bonuses. Once all of this new money makes it out into the market watch out your dollar ain’t going to buy you squat. You better own silver by this point or you will be living in a “tent city.”

Shawn L Charles

Engelhard Silver Bars – a Trusted Name in Silver Bars

If you collect silver bullion bars, Engelhard Silver Bars are more than likely a part of your collection.  These gorgeous bars have not been mass produced since the 1980’s, so getting one can be very tricky.  The easiest way is to buy is from an investor on sites like Ebay.

Engelhard has a spotless reputation for the quality and purity of their bullion bars, and the bars are always stamped with the exact purity of silver contained.  Collectors love this brand, because they know that they have the ability to sell or buy with confidence no matter where the investor is located, nearly anywhere in the world.

The ten and one hundred ounce bars have been the most popular of the silver bars with investors.  Investing in one hundred ounce bars is popular, because you can invest in pure silver and at the same time avoid the premiums usually found on legal bullion coins.

Most investors buy Engelhard Silver Bars in one hundred ounce bars, because they usually sell when the price of silver goes up.  Those who buy to invest in their own financial future usually buy a smaller bar.  Investing in silver coins is more commonly done, but purchasing silver bars is becoming increasingly popular.  This may be due to the fact that recently one hundred ounce bars sometimes carry a premium of 40% or more.

Experienced collectors know that investing in gold and silver is one of the best ways to achieve financial security.  While most markets go up and down, these usually remain constant.  Think of the stock market recently – investors were losing millions of dollars.  This isn’t likely to happen when you invest in gold and silver coins, bullion, and bars.

Investing in silver is also a popular way to plan for retirement.  When you start collecting early on, the value of your collection accrues over the years and usually has a high value when you do decide to liquidate.  Collecting silver and gold is a very smart way to secure your future.  There aren’t many markets that you can rely on like this.

Whether you collect silver, gold or both, make sure you invest in the best quality in order to achieve an excellent return when you sell.  If you haven’t added Engelhard Silver Bars to your collection, there is no time like the present!

Christina Goldman

Coin Collection Sale – How To Determine The Right Price

There are a lot of resources which will help numismatists, new or old, in deciding the worth and value of coins they’ve.

There are books released, “The Red Book” (guidebook of U.S.A.’s Coin), “The Blue Book” (An Handbook of USA’s Coins), also as coin broadcasts and catalogues accessible at any common or private library, traders/stores of coins anywhere in the USA There are also web guidebooks for the costs of US coins for sale on the net, especially the NumisMedia site.

This site provides a synopsis for the price of all coins, following is basic values of every cent, dime or cent in the marketplace.

The U.S. wheat-cent, the distributed ones

The cost of all these coins which were made before 1958, or those which are dated to 1940, are presently being bought by dealers for 2 cents each, or lesser. But, those made prior to 1940 get a much greater price – from a couple of more cents to some more dollars.


US’ Silver-dollars particularly those made prior to 1935 have about an oz. of silver in it. These are the favorites of numismatists and may be traded for much more than their true value in terms of silver if they’re intact or not worn badly.

The dollars of Anthony B Susan

If by some luck you get one from these as an change, its price is more than one dollar and professor Anthony B Susan dollars command even a lot more. They’re not easy to find as they’re not commonly being passed around.

Quarters, halves and dollars – the bicentennial kind

Billions of these were made, and as there are a lot of them, their value is commonly only their nominal value. There are dealers however who bear one-tenth of the nominal value as exchange premium for circulated bicentenary coins, and a couple of dollars more for coins which are not circulated.

Freaky coins

Believe it or don’t, there are coins having two heads out there! Fundamentally, these are mints with 2 different designs on every side. These coins were done in mistake and fault wasn’t discovered till the year 2000. These types of coins are called as “mules”. It was found in 1999 that a centime with Abraham Lincoln’s face on a particular side and Roosevelt’s image existed on the other.

If you find this type coin it should be taken to an authorized coin trader and valuated to check if it’s genuine. If so, the coin can be put for an auction and bid a couple of dollars extra.

It’s thus true that one coin is fundamentally worth more than gathers the eye.

Abhishek Agarwal

4 Bullion Coin Facts – 6 Exciting Tips To Purchase Them Right

There is a category of coins called bullion coins. These are high value coins. Not only do their supply is limited, they originate in special places such as shipwrecks, sunk ships found at the sea-bed, or from excavation sites where signs of some past habitation has been discovered, etc. There are people who collect such precious coins. Here we describe bullion categories based on the metals and each metal you have sub-categories.

1. Silver Bullion

Silver coins are among the best known bullion coins. They are quite popular and belong to the category of expensive collectible items. Internet has many sites selling them online along with other expensive items.

Another high priced coin popularly showcased on online websites is the silver ingot. It is believed to have been recovered froma treasure wreck such as the sunk Spanish ship, Atocha which contained treasure and artifacts; silver ingots were found among them. Another theory is that they came from some dilapidated Colorado Mines where miners had hidden them.

The officially sealed Maple Leaf silver coins, from the Royal Canadian Mint, are also fashionable among coin collectors. Then you have half dollars featuring the Walking Liberty, or a dealer roll of first strike 1994 American Eagles, besides Masterpieces from Franklin Mint.

2. Gold Bullian

For people who collect gold bullion, there are well known gold coins known as Krugerrands from South Africa. Among other popular options you have the European Gold Crowns of the period between late 1800s to early 1900s, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins and the American Eagle coins. You may also want to go for British sovereigns, Swiss Helveteas, or the French Roosters. These are available on Internet.

Also available online are 10-ounce Swiss gold bar, American eagle proof set and the China Gold Panda set. You can also look for gold bullion in the American Eagle, Rounds, Bars, Mixed Lots and in other categories of coins on the Internet.

3. Platinum Bullion

This is the least common form of bullion compared to the other two. Notable platinum bullion comes in Eagle sets, the French Statue of Liberty coins and Koala proofs. Recently, some safety vaults of the collapsed World Trade Center have yielded a crucible dish made from platinum bullions, an Engelhard platinum bar, and the Johnson Matthew Year of the Dragon coins.

4. Bullion as Special Gift

If you wish your bullion collection can provide thoughtful gifts for spaecial occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. for your dear ones. For example, a bullion bar can be a unique birthday gift if it features a happy birthday greetings. Likewise, say for a wedding anniversary, you may select bullion featuring the wedding year. A bride may expect 24-karat gold or silver flakes as her wedding gift from her groom.

How to buy bullion coins

Buying bullion coins can be highly expensive. Here is a check-list of what to do when buying bullion coins:

1. Decide on what type of bullion you want to buy beforehand.

2. Try finding out the preference of the person for who you want to buy and ask if he/she can accompany you for purchase.

3. Find out the delivery cost and estimate the total cost.

4. Ensure that the seller will deliver in time, particularly while ordering online.

5. Don’t make instant payments.

6. Investigate the seller’s background and his reputation.

No doubt bullion coins are expensive, but they can be used beautifully to express intimate sentiments on special occasions in one’s life. No other form of gift can do that so beautifully.

Abhishek Agarwal